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Law firm
Grilc, Starc in partner, o. p., d. o. o.

Cesta krških žrtev 135c
8270 Krško
Dalmatinova ulica 2
1000 Ljubljana

Anton Grilc, lawyer

T.: +386 (0)59 365 710
F.: +386 (0)59 014 023
We meet the clients with prior announcement at the seat of the law firm Grilc, Starc & Partners in Krško and at the branch Ljubljana, or we adjust the time and place according to wishes and needs of our clients.


    We will process your personal information only within the scope of your consent. Your privacy is treated in accordance with the GDPR and the Law governing the protection of personal data.

    Business bank account:
    SI56 2900 0005 0669 747
    UniCredit Banka Slovenija, d. d.

    Fiduciary bank account:
    SI56 2900 0005 0673 821
    UniCredit Banka Slovenija, d. d.

    Registration number: 6222919000
    ID number for VAT: SI62392816

    Register of companies:
    The District Court Krško
    Company register file
    number: Srg 2012/37457
    Nominal capital: 7.500,00 EUR

    The firm leadership:
    Iztok Starc, managing director
    Anton Grilc, legal director

    This is why our services, advices and recommendations are oriented towards out-of-court settlements and dealing with problems by peaceful means. We believe that judicial proceedings are among last and utmost legal means to protect interests of our clients. We use it when all other legal means are exhausted.
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