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In the context of labour law, we advise and represent employers and workers, which we intervene in regulating relationships and disputes between them, we participate in the negotiations between employers and trade unions and negotiations for the preparation and adoption of collective agreements.

For employers, we guide employment and termination procedures and disciplinary procedures. We prepare internal general legal acts in the field of labour law, employment contracts, individual and management contracts and collective agreements.

We represent workers in disciplinary proceedings, in procedures for regular and exceptional termination of the contract, violations of the legal and contractual obligations of the employer, the exercise of unpaid wages, grants, severance payments and other financial and non-financial claims.


This is why our services, advices and recommendations are oriented towards out-of-court settlements and dealing with problems by peaceful means. We believe that judicial proceedings are among last and utmost legal means to protect interests of our clients. We use it when all other legal means are exhausted.
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