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In the area of real estate transactions, we participated in some of the biggest and most complex property transactions in Slovenia in the recent years. We represent both domestic and foreign natural or legal persons when buying, selling, replacing and conducting other real estate transactions.

We regulate all types of legal transfers of property in real estate, we coordinate the land registers of data with the actual situation, we represent clients in geodetic proceedings, in the procedures of tax evasion in relation to immovable property, the establishment of a condominium property and in procedures for the adoption of spatial planning documents.

We advise clients buying and selling real estate, registration and deletion of mortgages, easements and other encubrances, and check the land register state of property for them.

In view of the purposeful use of land and tax liability, we arrange for clients the transfer of property rights, which are most favourable to them from a tax, procedural, time and cost perspective.


This is why our services, advices and recommendations are oriented towards out-of-court settlements and dealing with problems by peaceful means. We believe that judicial proceedings are among last and utmost legal means to protect interests of our clients. We use it when all other legal means are exhausted.
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