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In the field of insolvency law, we have a rich experience of consulting our clients in the introduction of insolvency proceedings over legal and natural persons. We represent both, creditors and insolvent debtors, in cases related to insolvency proceedings, including procedures for disputing the debtor’s legal acts.

For our clients we declare all types of creditors’ claims in insolvency proceedings, we represent them in the proceedings of recognition and challenge of claims, and in the proceedings for challenging the dismissal of the debtor’s obligations – to a natural person.

In legal counselling and the compilation of different contracts for banks, financial institutions and for our other clients, our lawyers always carefully consider all aspects of the risks, including possible rebutting actions of the debtor in bankruptcy proceedings and the consequences of the contractor’s insolvency.


This is why our services, advices and recommendations are oriented towards out-of-court settlements and dealing with problems by peaceful means. We believe that judicial proceedings are among last and utmost legal means to protect interests of our clients. We use it when all other legal means are exhausted.
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