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In the field of contract law, we offer advice and representation services for business partners in negotiations for conclusion of all types of contracts, drafts and final texts of the contracts. We combine a harmonised definitive
texts of contracts, fair copies and annexes to the contracts and check the enforcement and execution of contracts already concluded.

We combine general contract terms, types of contracts and contract forms to our clients and prepare expert legal opinions and analysis of the contracts.

In drawing up contracts, fair copies and annexes to contracts, we strive for clarity and transparency of contractual terms. We strive to have a balanced agreement on the rights and obligations of the contracting parties. With such an approach, we provide our clients with the highest level of contractual legal certainty.


This is why our services, advices and recommendations are oriented towards out-of-court settlements and dealing with problems by peaceful means. We believe that judicial proceedings are among last and utmost legal means to protect interests of our clients. We use it when all other legal means are exhausted.
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